Agency Solution (Secondary-Market)

Our specially hand-picked and well-trained professional real estate negotiators are fully committed and passionate in their work. With Property Hub's provision of extensive structured training and facilities support, our real estate negotiators are able to render their utmost professionalism in facilitating clients' real estate needs covering all selling, buying or leasing of a property (residential, commercial, industrial and land).

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Investment Solution

It is common knowledge that real estate is the best long term investment vehichle but not all properties are built the same. Some are better than others and therefore, positioned to reap higher rewards and some others, as they say, are endless pit of continuous fund-drain.

Whether you are a seasoned or a new investor, spend a moment with us and let us share with you how best to achieve your target investment portfolio.

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Project Marketing (Malaysia)

Before we market a prospective project to our buyers, we first scrutinise the developer's profile, experience, background and financial health. Then, we study the development's viabilities such as location and access feasibilities, development type and features, unique proposition, product positioning, value and price, and more.

Suffice to say that we only market developments we ourselves will buy. So, you can be rest assured that any development we endorse shall be interesting and exciting.

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Project Marketing (International)

We virtually go 'overboard' to research and study specific international property markets to identify the right products for our local investors.

From neighbouring Singapore to Vietnam and China, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States, we invest our time and effort to hunt for the most suitable markets for Malaysians and then we go into finding needles of great investments in haystacks of mediocres.

And we bring back only the best for our most dear clients. So, leverage on our knowledge and expand your investment portfolio.

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